Rent an e-bike / e-motorbike

Tired of those hills? Our electric bikes are a perfect option for those looking for an alternative, efficient, and eco-friendly mean of trasportation. All of our electric bikes are located at our port -ofiice location, so stop in for a bike ride! Rent an electric bike now!

Electric bicycles are a wonderful means of transportation that helps preserve the environment, by reducing air contamination, carbon emissions and is healthy!

Nisyros has a beautiful nature,  We are here to assist you to discover it in a “traditional way” with the advantage of an electric motor.

Green – clean – without noise. In addition  no licence is required

Go Green Hire an electric Scouter. Explore Nisyros by electric scooter visit the beautiful  villages  and amazing  volcanic crater Polyvotis. Feel free and make your desired personalised Eco Tour. No more pollution. No more noise. No more smoke. Simply a better and cleaner world!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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